Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wish on a Star

Years ago my son and I shared a hobby that involved My Little Ponies.  It started as a lark.  I wanted the McDonalds MLP yet don't go to McDonalds.  He was working there at the time and so bought his mama a bunch.  He thought they were so ridiculous and I said here do what you want with one.  He cut it up into pieces, used Sculpty to make it into a Godzilla complete with Empire State Building that went on to win first prize at the Pony Con.

In the meantime my project was to use up my beads and this is one of many I had made.  It was a lot of work as the tail was molded plastic that required careful removal as so not to damage the legs.  I sold quite a few of these at Pony Con but have some favorite leftovers I am now selling in my Etsy Shop.

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