Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Love Banner #2

Well here it is.  Both will go to my booth at the store.   The few banners I've made have had buyers so it is just fun to see what people like.

My son and I got the news today we have secured seats to Krakow.  I cannot believe we are actually doing this.  For some reason it seems like such a pipe dream.  Totally unreal.  I need to get a passport but first I need a "real" marriage certificate.  Funny how no one told us we were to file this "fake" one.  So I contacted the county we were married in.  Of course that is hours away so a simple stop isn't in order.

I stopped in at the Clinic and made an appointment to get lab work done and a Wellness check.  It is time I start taking care of myself in that regard.  30 years of no is really hard to feel I should do it.  But since I had vertigo I haven't felt "right".  I guess it could also be menopause.  Menopause is a "condition" no one talks about beyond the usual niceties.  Meanwhile women such as myself are left out there thinking we are losing our minds.

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