Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I took off four days this week.  I haven't had a day off of work (aside Sundays and holidays) since early October and I now realize how badly I need it.  People think just because I am usually done with work by 2:30pm including running to refuel the car, that I have all this time to do what I want.  It isn't that way at all.   My job is a very physical and mental job and by the time I get home if I sit down I am done.

So yesterday started my staycation.  I had no energy at all.  I did get some much overdue housework done, mostly decluttering and pitching.  I finished my chicken soup.  I got 4000 steps in on my fitbit (hard to do when you are sitting at least 4 hours a day), wrote an overdue letter and just sat and stared at a wall.

Today I feel better.  I got my 4K steps in before 2pm, primed several canvases, worked on the above, sorted through tons of clothes to donate or send to the resale shop.  I am pretty pleased with what I got done so far.  I never had such problems when I worked part time!  Yes now I have a routine but I have a hard time using every second of every day to do what needs to get done.

Tomorrow I have a car appointment at 11am.  Snow tires, new battery, oil change on my new to me Prius.  It was suppose to get done before Christmas but the battery was dead.  So hopefully despite it being -20 F I can get it started and done.

My lab appointment got changed to Friday morning so 8am I will be on the road to get to the clinic by 8:30.  First step on taking my life back.

I got my "official" marriage certificate today so now to find out where I get my passport photo taken!  One more step towards my scary dream!

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