Saturday, January 2, 2016


Last month I started the DoYou Yoga free 30 day beginners challenge.  I enjoy it and am learning my limitations and yet I see results already.  I mean, I did my first plank in years yesterday!  Even I was surprised!  In the past two years my body has fallen apart and the yoga and hikes I used to do I am not able to do anymore.  So I am starting from scratch and working my way back.  

I also want to start a meditation practice.  So yesterday I listened to a 20 minute meditation on CD and that was fine.  Today I thought I'd leave the CD and just use one of the nice chime timers that can be found online.  I found one that sounded exactly like I wanted and set it for 20 minutes and started.  Well, after awhile my knees (arthritis) ached so I sat differently.  Time went by, I went back to cross legged.  Back to knees up.  Touched the computer to see that it had STOPPED when the screen went dark (sleep)!!!  That was the LONGEST 4 minutes EVER!!!  The clock said otherwise.  So my advice is to find a timer that doesn't stop when the computer sleeps.

I got most my new banner done yesterday but have a few small touches to do.  I was going to show you all today but I got my book "The Tsar of Love and Techno" today and couldn't put it down.  Between that and my podcast obsession (Reply All, This American Life etc.) I am getting "nothing" done.  :)

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