Sunday, January 3, 2016

Message from Beyond

Above is my Great Grandmother Katherine.  I knew her a little but she passed away when I was young.  She was the first death I experienced and first funeral.  

I am just learning her story now and surprisingly, or perhaps not, from complete strangers.  The above photo was sent to me from a person in Michigan.  I have had a hard time describing how this has made me feel.  It came with a story that she was mentioned in.  The woman who sent this to me has a relative my GGM raised when his parents passed away.  When he was on his own he came to America and to pay her back he paid passage for her and her brother to come to Wisconsin from Bohemia.

There she worked in a logging town as a laundress until she met my GGF three years later.

I have enlarged the above photo and keep looking at her.  It is like she is wanting to tell me something..  Her eyes just bore into mine as though she is speaking across the ages.  It is a bit unnerving.

I have been contemplating a trip to Poland through the Candles Holocaust Museum.  I wanted to go last year but my knee was flaring (before I knew what it was, stubborn procrastinator I am) and I had three bouts of vertigo which to this day I deal with so I was afraid to go.

Well, vertigo is still an annoyance and my knee is a pain but is pretty good.  I'm thinking I need to go to the Dr. and get a good eval and if I want to go on this trip, learn to cope with my bum knee.

Last month I was given this deck of oracle cards.  As I was putting things away I came across it.  For fun I asked it if my Great Grandmother Katherine had a message for me.  As I shuffled this card jumped out.

Looking at it gave me goosebumps and tears.  I have been hesitant to put the non-refundable payment down for the trip (I want to take my son) due to fear.  Damn fear!!!

Is this a message????

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