Friday, January 15, 2016

Chickens Live Inspired

This is what I worked on today.  I hope to get the Live Inspired and white chicken done and put them in my booth.  They both need work yet.  Well all three do.  I just started the Barred Rock hen.  I'm just fooling around with simple ideas and see where they take me.

It took me longer to get to the clinic than I was there.  I drove my Prius and it ran as it should.  I already got my results via the internet although I don't know what they exactly mean.  It seems for the most part I am normal.  I'm sure a few people I know will question that.

Tomorrow I return to work but then have Sunday and Monday off.  I totally forgot about Martin Luther King day.  Then back to the grind.  I do think I'll be taking more time off though.  This was a good break.

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