Friday, January 22, 2016

Walmart, UGH!

After work I went to our "local" Walmart which is 24 miles away.  I want to do an embroidery that a blogger kindly posted for anyone to use.  I thought it would be cute for my friend's sewing room.  She has been diagnosed with leukemia and I like to try and brighten her day with little things.

What a wasted trip.  They had no white fat quarters and I'm not about to buy fabric off the bolt for one little project.  Additionally no one was in the section so that would mean hunting someone down if I did want to.

Of the five colors of floss they only had one!  And surprisingly it was the red #666 which I figured as conservative and christian this town is would be outlawed, LOL.  I mean someone proposed to change the addresses of every house that had any form of 666 in it.

5" hoop?  Are you kidding?  We have 4" or 6".  Ugly plastic.  I'd prefer wood as the picture is framed in a wood hoop.  Ok, I could deal with that but if I can't get the rest why buy the hoop and needles needed?

They drove our little sewing and craft store out of business and then turned around and don't carry as much as they used to so they can expand into more a little of this and a little of that and a bunch of junk no one really needs.  My opinion of course.

They didn't have picture hanging things either, just the wire.    


  1. Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me, as for grey, it was a hard colour years ago to conform to in my liking, yet now with so many grey's out there I could not resist the move to add more grey and black back I to my home loving the mood it adds to greyer days.

    So sorry you make a trip to your closest Walmart to be disappointed, this happens to me often enough, I only go to Walmart for packing supplies, a magazine now and then, some hair products and that's about it.... Oh maybe glue from time to time.
    As for naming a color, I feel like the rest of your town, outlaw that number, when I get a number like that I rush to change it, or hurry to alter the number, and once I was given a phone number with these numbers and Imcalled back to have it changed.... Who would look at that number and dare to name it that? Common sense would tell them, this could be a negative sale :)
    I would have to rip that tag of right away!

    You mentioned our dog, Su comment before you? Her doggie is named Pasiley our sleeping Italian Greyhounds name is Pia Bleu, easy mistake, but just wanted to let you know.
    Thank you dearly for taking the time to visit and best leaving a comment that Joyed my early morning.
    Hope you find all your needlework needs, happy stitching, and prayers to your friend who is suffering such a horrific cancer...I too have a friend who is also dealing with cancer, I know your heartbreak.



    1. Thank you for your visit. Thank you for correcting me on your dog's name :). My internet is s-l-o-w so sometimes I miss things. My comment stands :).