Monday, January 4, 2016

No Crafting Today

I got buried at work.  Apparently everyone in the plants were on vacation between Christmas and New Years Day and now they are back with a vengeance!  I got home late, had to run hoses and fill water tanks for the horses, feed the chickens etc.  I checked my email and there was a notice that if I wanted a spot on that Poland trip I best do it NOW!  It filled up (90 people) so quickly!!  I tried to call them but my cell phone service here sucks and our landline got zapped for the third time this year.  Gotta' love rural living...not!  So I emailed back realizing they are an hour ahead and I was too late but Nicole did answer, to fill out the paperwork and email it to her.

Well I have NEVER filled out "paperwork" on a computer before and so off to Google I go to find out how to do it.  Meanwhile email my son who doesn't live here and let him know he needs to get it in asap.  UGH!

Well, I hope I did it right.  Amazingly it was quite easy to do on my Mac once I found the directions online.  I first tried a different program and that was terrible so Googled how to fill in a PDF on a Mac and that was the right search to do.

So, are we going?  Are we not?  I don't have a passport yet (found out my marriage cert. is not valid after 26 years of this living hell, LOL...what is NEXT?) and that was required on the paperwork.  I'll find out later when I get home.  Meanwhile I better send for that damn certificate and get my butt in for a passport so next time I am ready.

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