Friday, January 29, 2016

Creating A Zine-The Cover

Zine Cover
Last year on a whim I joined an online zine subscription called Secret Message Society.  To be truthful I don't really know what it is beyond the front of the website because my internet is slow and stupid.  Mandy is an artist and I like to support artists.

Last year the zines were the zodiacs.  This month she sent a zine about making a zine.  The first project is to get 4-5 pieces of printer paper, fold them in half and create a cover.  Her suggestion is to "try drawing a Royal portrait for your cover. *caution-this will feel vulnerable."  So last  night I created my cover, LOL.

This is me (well, sort of...I am not good at people which means I need to draw more people) and my rooster Vladimir from a selfie I took of us.  In the photo I am smiling.  Here I look stunned, LOL.  Anyway, I then added a crown.  It is suggested that this zine is to be done in pencil for those who feel they need to erase (me included sometimes though I am getting bolder) but I may just add some color to this.  Time will tell.

I feel it needs a caption or title.  Perhaps "Oh No! A Fowl Woman!".

Does it seem strange that a 54 yr. old woman is making a zine?

Eh, who cares! HA!


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    1. Thanks Mandy! I can't hardly wait to finish the zine up and print for friends. Won't they be surprised!